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2022 Calendar

2023 Calendar

Demo Night

ArtHop! January 5th  5-8:00 pm 
     Members demonstrating on wheel, hand-building, and sharing the
creation of their art.
A small table of clay for playing and getting your hands dirty will be available.  

      All Member Winter Exhibit
Opening Reception: ArtHop! February 2nd 5-8:00pm
          All Resident, Associate, and Friends will be exhibiting in the gallery. A wide variety of artists and techniques to enjoy.

New Works by Nanette Mattos
Opening Reception: ArtHop! March 2nd 5-8:00 pm
A solo exhibit featuring Black and White Raku

Fresno City College Student Exhibit 
Opening Reception: ArtHop! April 6th 5-8:00 pm
A Ceramics Student exhibition featuring Emerging Clay Artists.

Menagerie Invitational

Opening Reception: ArtHop! May 4th  5-8:00pm
Resident Members and invited San Joaquin Valley Clay Community Participants
will be exhibiting their interpretations of creatures great, small, real, and imaginary. 

Clay A-Z

Opening Reception: ArtHop! June 1st  5-8:00pm
An open themed collaboration exhibit featuring Clay Hand Studios Residents,
Associates, and the 
San Joaquin Clay and Glass Association.  A no holds barred display of creativity in Glass and Clay. 

Atmospheric Firings!

Opening Reception: ArtHop!  July 6th  5-8:00pm 
An exhibition featuring all kinds of alternative ceramic/pottery firings to include
Raku, Saggar Fire, Pit Fire, Atmospheric Kiln.  It is one of our Community Outreach exhibition

"Come Together"

Opening Reception: ArtHop!  August 3rd  5-8:00pm 
 Our annual All Member gathering and exhibition celebrating works in clay. 



Dolls, Dolls, Dolls
Opening Reception: ArtHop! October 5th  5-8:00pm
A novel exploration of clay dolls featuring our own Clay Hand Studios doll creators. 

Ren Lee

Opening Reception: ArtHop! November 2nd 5-8:00 pm
A Solo Exhibition of Ren Lee's wonderfully creative and imaginative artwork. An absolute must see!

Gifted: Annual Art Exhibition and Sale
Opening Reception: ArtHop!  December 7th  5-8:00pm

The Clay Hand Studios annual holiday shopping opportunity 

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