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2022 Calendar

2023 Calendar

Demo Night

ArtHop! January 5th  5-8:00 pm 
     Members demonstrating on wheel, hand-building, and sharing the
creation of their art.
A small table of clay for playing and getting your hands dirty will be available.  

      All Member Winter Exhibit
Opening Reception: ArtHop! February 2nd 5-8:00pm
          All Resident, Associate, and Friends will be exhibiting in the gallery. A wide variety of artists and techniques to enjoy.

New Works by Nanette Mattos
Opening Reception: ArtHop! March 2nd 5-8:00 pm
A solo exhibit featuring Black and White Raku

Fresno City College Student Exhibit 
Opening Reception: ArtHop! April 6th 5-8:00 pm
A Ceramics Student exhibition featuring Emerging Clay Artists.

Menagerie Invitational

Opening Reception: ArtHop! May 4th  5-8:00pm
Resident Members and invited San Joaquin Valley Clay Community Participants
will be exhibiting their interpretations of creatures great, small, real, and imaginary. 

Clay A-Z

Opening Reception: ArtHop! June 1st  5-8:00pm
An open themed collaboration exhibit featuring Clay Hand Studios Residents,
Associates, and the 
San Joaquin Clay and Glass Association.  A no holds barred display of creativity in Glass and Clay. 

Atmospheric Firings!

Opening Reception: ArtHop!  July 6th  5-8:00pm 
An exhibition featuring all kinds of alternative ceramic/pottery firings to include
Raku, Saggar Fire, Pit Fire, Atmospheric Kiln.  It is one of our Community Outreach exhibition

"Come Together"

Opening Reception: ArtHop!  August 3rd  5-8:00pm 
 Our annual All Member gathering and exhibition celebrating works in clay. 

Margaret Hudson: Petal Forms and Grief Works

Opening Receptions: ArtHop! September 7th 5-8pm
Beloved Fresno artist Margaret Hudson's lesser known works and forms. The exhibition gives us a glimpse into a different part of her life and how she used art to work through life's joys and tragedies. We are grateful to the Margaret Hudson family for sharing these creations with us and the public. 


The Doll!
Opening Reception: ArtHop! October 5th  5-8:00pm
A novel exploration of clay dolls featuring our own Clay Hand Studios doll creators. 

New Works by Ren Lee
Opening Reception: ArtHop! November 2nd 5-8:00 pm
A Solo Exhibition of Ren Lee's wonderfully creative and imaginative artwork. An absolute must see!

Gifted: Annual Art Exhibition and Sale
Opening Reception: ArtHop!  December 7th  5-8:00pm

The Clay Hand Studios annual holiday shopping opportunity 

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